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You know I am just sick of these insignificant fucks who believe that no one else matters except for them and only them. Everyone else can fuck off in their world. Well, hell no. Shove it up in your ass and fuck it. Yes, I am venting. Liars.. What the fuck is going on inside of their head as they are telling that lie? Fucking eh people. Don't you ever think what that lie can become? An ending of a friendship that's been long on the line for me. Fuckin lied to me about not being allowed to go to my dad's memorial service so you can go be with some fuck that you weren't even going out with for more than 2 hours. So fucking shallow and transparent. Everything you do is suspected. No wonder no one likes you.
All right so I believe I am done. I love my wife.

Something for the pain
inside me
that will never die
The pain inside me
that will never die

My heart bleeds
look at you
all the things
to endure me

I need you
here with me
wanting you
to believe me

I see you
in all of these faces
blush with shame
when I think of you

and your pale skin
I sell my soul for you

Hush Hush
never enough

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